I think Jonah is making a big deal with this it's like hes trying to get attention. But now were going to the FBI don't worry were not going to jail yet. Jonah wants to know more about where he came from. Its not like it matters. But when we were there it was like Mr.Reardon didn't know much either about him just the way he looked and said that he couldn't tell us. I think he didn't know either. Another weird thing was that this guy came in put a file on the desk and POOF he was gone but because of mai we had pictures of the file but all that was init was a bunch of names. So we are pllanning to call those people to find out more info. I'm   still very curious about that Reardon guy.
Hey Jonah just got a letter that was really mysterious it said in capital YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING weird huh I had to put on my best face though I mean its not like I can act all scared in front of 2 13 year old boys. Although I was really scared though I know there is a possibility that it could be a prank but still I don't think so.Do you?
O yea i forgot 2 tell u i can play basketball and 2 b honest I'm pretty good at it
you know that picture of drawing I did I got bored in class and did that aren't i a good drawer.
I got a game on my blog bet u cant do that can ya
 HEY, my name is Katherine,
so here is the deal I'm in 6th grade I'm twelve and I'm well cute. I <3 make-up and I'm single. I have a brother his name is Jonah but I call him Jo-No to annoy him. He has a best friend named Chip who is kind of cute and I think he likes me. I like make-up and I............................................Sorry I had a xt what I was saying was that I like orange sherbert.
 Do u like my hair I curled it earlier I didn't bother looking in the mirror I figured I ask you

P.S. don't call me kay kay
P.S.S keeping checking my blog for new things


 Hey so I was wondering who do you think sent those letter I mean its like once Jonah started talking about adoption they get so soft and weird like a robot and they don't pay attention to me at all. I don't really like it. Please don't tell Jonah I told you hes just gonna make fun of me and I hate it when he does. By the way the letter says "YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING" I really hope its a prank its almost scaring me. OMG mom do I have to really are you serious I have to take the trash out now. UGH.


I hate Jonah he flat out called me an airhead i mean hes the airhed if has enough guts 2 call me an airhead I was about 2 slap him but mom just had 2 b there that very moment. I can't wait till she leaves us alone so I can slap him.

   Oh wait we are alone brb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was so funny Jonah was literally crying it was brilliant but then like the snitch he was he told on me so mom made me apologize and I have extra chores which I hate. I can't wait till Jonah moves out.

  I want 2 go to the mall so bad but mom and dad are "too tired" so mom made me do my chores but finally I finished. My friends here sorry I don't really like her but she is very popular so I have to be nice maybe later we could chitchat.

 Hey we so need to help you on your look i mean your okay I guess but still but besides that how was my day boring all my friends went 2 the pool without me. But yesterday my mom took me 2 the mall and got me those new popular jeans I love them they rock i was I  I far away from being popular but now I'm right there. Any who when Jonah went 2 the FBI I got 2 come there was this file too with all these names lucky for me I took pics so that we can call them and get more answers.
  favorite song