My project is interpretative and I am doing a website from Katherine’s point of view. I want to show how she changes throughout the book from being a girly girl who doesn’t have any cares other than her mom buying her jeans to a serious and frightened girl after they get the letters. She is scared of what could possibly happen, but she is so determined she will not let her fear stop her. Katherine takes charge and organizes everything and helps the boys with the important things and helps make the phone calls and helps with alot of plans. I used a weebly as my base that we have used in other school projects. Once my librarian showed me the glogster I thought it would be perfect to show Katherine when she is so playful and fun. Then from a few tips from my friends and my librarian I realized I needed to show Katherine after they get the letters and shes serious and how she changes from being a girly girl and not caring and teasing her brother and wanting jeans to being serious and scared and possibly frightened by the letters and everything that may or may not happen. So I decided to put a link to a wallwisher that will show her frightened into my glogster and then I put my glogster into my weebly so that I could also put in more things like polls and a wordle to show Katherine’s mind as she is confused and scared and everything that she is worried about is all just jumbled into her mind.

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